About Us

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe idea of ЯUINATION was founded by Ruby Ruin, aiming to create a brand that catered to the individuals who stood out from the crowd & were living life in their own unique way. The brutal realities of the Christchurch Earthquake were the reason Ruination came into existence, the hard hitting lesson of only being given one life & one chance to make it what ever you wanted – Ruination was that idea, the chase of a dream no matter how impossible it may seem.
Over time the ЯUINATION brand has under gone many trials, tribulations & transitions – 2015 will see another transition, rather than disbanding a label that has resonated with many people around the world we will slowly be making the move towards supporting & developing one of our biggest promoters, the parkour & freerunning community.


All enquiries can be directed to: enquiries@ruinationclothing.com or 027 RUINOUS
Printed designs are available wholesale for retail stores across New Zealand & Australia, please contact us for a current wholesale price list.
Ruination Ltd is a New Zealand registered company managed by James & Ruby Ruin.
We own & manage the following brands: